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    Where you dream furniture comes true

    KAYPORT Furniture is your perfect choice to find all kinds of Turkish furnishings that combine superior quality and the most elegant design for wonderful products that exceed your expectations and accompany you in your successes and your special memories.

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    Products you love

    We offer you an incredible range of products that fulfil everything you dream of in the world of furniture.

    Living Rooms

    Sofas, Coffee Tables, TV Stands, and Full Sets, in addition to a wide range of accessories for living rooms.


    An elegant touch to bedrooms with unique and fantastic models that cover all family needs, parents, kids, and guests.

    Dining Rooms

    Breathe new life into the dining room with our great models. The décor inspiration ideas will help you to get the best.

    Workplace Furniture

    Time to design an ideal workspace experience with luxurious and great furniture options we offer to you.

    Tools & Equipment

    Beautiful accessories that can be used to style all places. With different colors and ideas, add a touch of magic to your room.


    We have no limits! Got an idea or a product in mind? Just ask for it and we will do our best to provide it…

    Our Services

    Everything you need to get your ideal furniture come true.

    Home Furniture

    We are working to manufacture and develop the best and latest types of Turkish furnishings and furniture produced with great care and high professionalism that suit the customer’s aspirations and achieve the sustainability they desire. Our products include all bedroom, sitting rooms, dining rooms, and kitchen furniture , all the way to the distinctive outdoor seating, of all kinds, accessories, and tastes, from the luxurious classic heritage style to the modern and elegant style.

    Workplace Supplies

    Because the basis for the success of projects begins with its furniture, we at KAYPORT appreciate all the studies that have proven the role of interior designs and furnishings in increasing employees comfort and customer satisfaction. Therefore, we provide everything that companies and workplaces need from elegant and comfortable furniture, starting from offices and meeting rooms, to the reception and waiting foyers, to ensure absolute comfort for employees and great confidence for customers.

    Hotel Supplies

    Our work includes providing all the products needed to equip major projects such as hotels with the best types of furnishings that suit the purpose of the project in particular. As we provide everything you need, from furniture of guest rooms of various sizes and requirements, to the furniture and accessories of the reception and lobby areas, for elegance and perfection beyond imagination.


    Export and Shipping

    Our wide network of relations with the best international shipping companies enables us to guarantee fast, safe and guaranteed shipping of all our products from Turkey to all parts of the world.

    Quality Assurance

    Because we trust our great experience and our superior quality of our products, we seek to gain your mutual trust through the quality assurance documents that come with all our products in order to provide you with a safe and confident process.

    Custom-made Products

    Based on our belief in the uniqueness of personal tastes and their ability to create wonderful creative ideas, we help our customers transform their unique ideas into realistic products that reflect their distinctive taste and meet their needs.

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